As moisture evaporates in hotter climates, the underlying skin feels cooler. When worn as a layer in frigid weather, the fabric dries to regulate the body temperature of the wearer.

Don’t expect this kind of built-in comfort from chemically treated FR cotton. When you sweat in a cotton garment, the fabric becomes sodden and water-logged with the moisture being absorbed with no place to go. The fabric becomes heavy and makes moving around more difficult and only increases the discomfort of being in a hot or humid environment and makes a chill even worse. Treated cotton fabrics become so saturated that it becomes more and more difficult for the fabric to dry and any comfort is significantly diminished while the moisture simply remains in the fabric.

There’s no worry of any of these problems if you make sure you wear fabrics that supply evaporative cooling effects from TenCate with Coolderm™ Technology. Be sure, be comfortable, be safe: Wear TenCate.

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