Comfort Job #1

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, nothing comes before protection…but comfort runs a close second. That’s why the best-selling TenCate fabrics are engineered with TenCate Coolderm™Technology. This expert technology has been developed from 90 years of manufacturing technical textiles.

By engineering fabrics with inherently FR fibers, inherently wicking properties and excellent breathability, Coolderm™ technology allows fabrics to be softer and cooler without any harsh chemical treatments or finishes; providing enhanced comfort that workers will want to wear more often.

No harsh chemical treatments or finishes also means that TenCate Coolderm™ Technology fabrics are hypoallergenic. That leads to reduced aggravation of allergic reactions or preexisting conditions.These fabrics provide protection that you never even realize is there, but it’s still beneficial.

  • Inherently FR: The FR protection will never wash or wear out.
  • Active Moisture Wicking: When the sweat occurs, the fabric pulls it away from the body and spreads it throughout the fabric to a wider area in order to dry faster.
  • Evaporative Cooling Effect: As moisture evaporates in hotter climates, the body is cooled. In cold weather, the fabric dries to help regulate body temperature.
  • Soft: No “break-in” period or extra laundering that could weaken the FR protection of treated fabrics. Coolderm™Technology fabrics are soft and ready to wear.
  • hypoallergenic: Fabrics with TenCate Coolderm™ Technology don’t include harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. TenCate Coolderm™ Technology provides comfort and safety to those who serve.
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