Defender-M-Coolderm-KnitTenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric Provides Protection & Comfort for Any Field Condition

Comfort may not be mission critical but sometimes it can feel like it means everything. Now warfighters and peacekeepers can have comfortable FR protection in action. Manufactured with Coolderm™ Technology, TenCate Defender M offers enhanced comfort and durability that is better than even the most tried and proven chemical-treated nylon- and cotton-blend fabrics.

TenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric utilizes a proprietary blend of fibers engineered for the ultimate in protection, durability and comfort.

  • Proven protection: The woven version was worn by every U.S. ground troop in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Incredible comfort: Knit fabrics provide greater breathability and lightweight comfort.
  • Exceptionally tough: The knit fabric retains the strength, keeping the color, size and appearance after repeated washings and in harsh field conditions.
  • Great options: Knits can include a la carte protection options like MicrobeSHIELD™, StaticSHIELD™ and InsectSHIELD™.

Because of their light weight, Defender® M Knits make affordable FR protection possible for items like balaclavas, gloves and even combat shirts. Engineering the proven FR protection of Defender® M into knit fabrics sets a new standard for comfort and protection in the field.

Knit FabricNominal WeightKnit TypeUse
TenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric5.5 osy (185 gsm)Mesh
TenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric6.0 osy (205 gsm)Jersey
TenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric6.5 osy (220 gsm)Jersey
TenCate Defender® M Knit Fabric11.0 osy (375 gsm)InterlockGloves



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