Defender-M-GenericTenCate Defender® M StaticSHIELD™: More Awe & Less Shock

TenCate Defender® M is known for its proven FR protection, extreme durability and unmatched comfort but sometimes combat professionals need a little more. In some situations on the battlefield, dangers arise that are unforeseen and hazards can take many forms.

When dealing with unknown chemicals or combustible materials, the threat of a spark or electrostatic discharge could mean disaster.

TenCate offers StaticSHIELD for Defender M. StaticSHIELD features anti-static fiber that is added to the fabric in the earliest stages of manufacturing for added protection against the threat of electrostatic discharge.

TenCate Defender M StaticSHIELD means complete protection.

An anti-static fiber is blended with all the other fibers at the very beginning so that every single yarn in your Defender M garment contains the StaticSHIELD protection from any possible electrostatic discharge.

While TenCate Defender M StaticSHIELD, ask your TenCate representative about adding StaticSHIELD to other fabrics. Custom options are available with other Defender M, Tecasafe Plus and almost any blended textile from TenCate Protective Fabrics.

FabricNominal WeightTypeUse
TenCate Defender® M StaticSHIELD™ 5.5 osy (185 gsm)Twill WeaveFlight suit



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