Defender-M-GenericStretch Fabric Gives More Mobility to TenCate Defender® M

TenCate Defender® M stretch fabrics offer the kind of mobility that warfighters need in tense and tough circumstances.

TenCate Stretch Technology combined with the battle-proven FR properties of Defender M means ease of movement and protection that rise to the challenge of today’s modern battlefields.

Combat professionals have enough concerns when they’re outside the wire, Defender M with Stretch Technology provide them with protection and comfort.

Engineered with Coolderm™ Technology and unmatched durability, these ergonomic fabrics meet the real needs of the men and women who march into harm’s way.

  • Proven protection: TenCate Defender M has been worn by every U.S. troop deployed in combat and is being used by forces worldwide including the Middle East and South America.
  • Exceptionally tough: Defender M with Stretch Technology retains its color, elasticity and appearance after repeated launderings and in the harshest conditions.
  • Fabric variety: Available in a variety of weights layers and colors. Users can choose the fabric that best suits the battle-ready needs.
FabricsNominal WeightTypeUses
TenCate Defender® M with Stretch Technology™6.2 osy (210 gsm)Plain WeaveU.S. Marines IWCS
U.S. Army Combat Pant
Combat shirt
TenCate Defender® M with Stretch Technology™7.2 osy (245 gsm)Jersey KnitCombat shirt
TenCate Defender® M RainSHIELD™ with Stretch Technology™11.0 osy (375 gsm)Twill Mesh Weave LaminatedCombat shirt



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