Agility® brings the next wave of innovative engineering featuring ENFORCE™ Technology

Firefighters carry a lot of weight on the job; their outer shell shouldn’t add to the load., TenCate scientists have engineered a 6.6-ounce fabric that that offers ease of movement and wear and the strength of a premium outer shell.
  • ENFORCE™ Technology provides the same strength and protection at a lighter weight
  • Lighter weight means firefighters can stay in the action longer with less chance of heat stress
  • Twill weave provides ease of movement and freedom to act fast
  • Innovative engineering delivers the durability that firefighters need on the job
Agility® is available in Light Gold, Dark Gold and Black Gold.

Three Reasons:
  1. Maximum protection in a lighter weight fabric
  2. Excellent strength after thermal exposure
  3. Less weight means less risk of heat stress

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