What Is TenCate ENFORCE Technology?

With the introduction of TenCate Pioneer outer shell for firefighters, ENFORCE Technology arrives. This patent-pending technology delivers remarkable attributes unique only to the technical textiles from TenCate Protective Fabrics.

Using proprietary science developed by TenCate Engineers, high-performance fibers — in the case of TenCate Pioneer, it’s DuPont Kevlar — are concentrated into super-strength strands in a double-helix formation.

This creates the foundation of TenCate ENFORCE Technology.

When ENFORCE super-strength strands are interlaced with other technical yarns, the resulting outer shell fabrics are lighter weight, stronger and more comfortable.

With some colors of TenCate Pioneer, the super-strength strands of ENFORCE Technology are clearly visible and it lend to the distinctive appearance of this remarkable outer shell.

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