The Toughest Outer Shell Available in TenCate Millenia XT

Millenia-XTTenCate Millenia XT makes an extreme leap forward in outer shell performance. It outperforms every other premium outer shell fabric in every test that matters: tear strength, tensile strength, strength after thermal exposure and abrasion resistance.

With this landmark advance in textiles technology, TenCate introduces a new generation of strength — and strengthens an unparalleled tradition of leadership through innovation.

  • TenCate-Millenia-XT-NaturalHighest thermal stability
    Retains strength and flexibility even after thermal exposure.
  • Greatest strength retention
    More than 250% stronger after thermal exposure than any competitive outer shell.
  • Best initial strength
    A 40% greater strength than any other outer shell.
  • Most durable
    Unbeatable in durability and overall wear life.
  • Peak performance
    Top performance in Taber abrasion resistance.

Data-Sheet--Millenia XT


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