TenCate Millenia XTL, the Lightest Weight Outer Shell

Millenia-XTLTenCate Millenia XTL makes a leap forward in outer shell comfort, mobility and durability.

It’s a versatile, premium outer shell that brings all the technical advantages of Millenia XT to a lightweight alternative that delivers outstanding performance in tear strength, tensile strength and strength after thermal exposure.

TenCate-Millenia-XTL-FemaleTenCate high-performance fabrics provide protection, comfort, durability and excellent value in an unparalleled light weight.

  • Excellent initial strength: Greater strength than any other shell of comparable weight.
  • Outstanding thermal stability: Retains strength and flexibility even after thermal exposure.
  • Versatility: Excellent performance for lightweight outer shell, structural or technical rescue.
  • Excellent durability: Excellent abrasion resistance in a lightweight outer shell.


Data-Sheet--Millenia XTL


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