Firefighter Protection Lives in TenCate ThermaLiners™

Firefighters’ turnout gear is the most vital part of their PPE. The thermal liner (or barrier) is, arguably, the most vital part of turnout gear.

Our experience and capabilities in making the best thermal liners can now be experienced in the range of protective yet comfortable fabrics from TenCate.

The thermal thermal, comprised of a face cloth quilted to a thermal batting, is the innermost layer and is an instrumental part of a fire fighter’s turnout gear ensemble. It not only provides insulation against the intense heat of structural fires, it also affects THL (Total Heat Loss) perfo ance, and comfort.

There are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right thermal barrier: thermal protection (TPP), heat stress relief (THL), bulk, flexibility, softness and slickness of the face cloth and moisture wicking properties.

Our dedication this highly evolved fabric is just one of the reasons we now call this TenCate ThermaLiners.

The face cloth is the layer closest to the skin, and as such, has a significant impact on comfort (i.e. softness, slickness, and moisture wicking.)

Due to its configuration within the ensemble, the thermal batt layer is usually not seen.  However, it is responsible for the majority of the thermal protection (TPP) provided by the thermal barrier.

There are two general types of thermal batting materials used in thermal barriers: needle punch and spunlace.  Needle punch batts are typically one fairly thick layer, while spun lace batts are much thinner and usually two layers.

Needle punch batts usually boast higher TPP ratings, but they are also bulkier, less flexible, and provide lower THL ratings.  Conversely, spunlace batts are more flexible (due to the relative thinness of each layer), offer better THL performance, but may sacrifice on TPP.  Spunlace batt thermal barriers also tend to be more durable.

All TenCate Protective Fabrics Thermal Barriers

TenCate Aralite®Woven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Needle-Punch)8.0 osy (275 gsm)Fire Service (Structural: Thermal Barrier)Chambray Blue and Steel Gray
TenCate Caldura® SL2iWoven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Spun-Lace)7.8 osy (265 gsm)Fire Service (Structural: Thermal Barrier)Gold
TenCate Defender® M SL2i Thermal BarrierWoven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Spun-Lace)7.8 osy (265 gsm)Fire Service (Structural: Thermal Barrier)Graphite, Brass and Camouflage Green
TenCate Quantum3D® SL2iWoven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Spun-Lace)7.8 osy (265 gsm)Fire Service (Structural: Thermal Barrier)Gold Check
TenCate Quantum4™ Woven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Spun-Lace Aperture) 7.1 osy (240 gsm)Fire Service (Structural: Thermal Barrier)Gold Check
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