TenCate Protective Fabrics introduces Caldura® Elite.

TenCate Protective Fabrics announces the ThermaLiner™ family of textiles for use in firefighter turnout gear. Now set to hit the market with new innovations to enhance comfort and ease of wear for firefighters everywhere. It’s time for your thermal liner to Shine.

TenCate Protective Fabrics is the industry leader in engineering and manufacturing inherently FR textiles. TenCate thermal liners are very popular in the Fire Service market and have become staple products for many firefighters. Now, they’re about to get a huge upgrade: Caldura® Elite.

Caldura® SL2 is a standard-setting thermal liner in the Fire Service for more than a decade. The inherently wicking face cloth that features COOLDERM™ Technology, which provides excellent moisture management and evaporative cooling, will now feature a better hand, slickness and ease of wear. Using proprietary science, Caldura® Elite will now feel softer to the touch and prove more comfortable for firefighters and deliver easier donning and doffing with a slicker and shinier appearance.

“The focus in the market has been shifting towards comfort for some time now,” said Luke Blakey, Director of Sales and Marketing for TenCate Protective Fabrics. “We will never sacrifice protection and I think firefighters know that but we do want to make them as comfortable as possible while ensuring their FR protection.”

The newly enhanced thermal liners are part of the ThermaLiner™ family that TenCate introduced at FDIC 2017. The enhanced comfort version will be known as Caldura® Elite™ with future enhancements to be announced as they are ready for release.

The use of the new proprietary technology will be eased into the ongoing production of the popular thermal liner from TenCate Protective Fabrics. Manufacturers and end users should feel no bumps at all as the new production rolls out.

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