A New Level of Thermal Barrier Technology in TenCate Quantum3D®

TenCate-Quantum3D-Thermal-LinerTenCate Quantum3D® takes thermal barrier technology to an entirely new level. It’s patent-pending design is a complex weave to provide a face cloth that is inherently slick and flexible. Combined with a unique 3D batt blended of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex®, Quantum3D provides an excellent balance of TPP and THL performance, as well as maximum flexibility for greater ease of movement.

  • Maximum Performance- Excellent balance of TPP and THL performance. Combined with a TenCate outer shell, TenCate Quantum3D® improves composite performance by delivering a 2 to 3 point higher TPP rating than Caldura SL2i, while still offering excellent THL performance.
  • Maximum Flexibility:Twice as flexible as other leading thermal barriers on the market. Thin and flexible with a “slick,” comfortable face cloth.
  • Inherently Wicking: Unmatched wickability moves perspiration away from the body and spreads moisture for improved dissipation, keeping you drier and more comfortable.


TenCate Caldura® and Quantum 3D® fabrics are covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,898,821.


Data-Sheet--Quantum 3D SL2i-01


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