On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set…Go!

Firefighters aren’t actually running races but sometimes they have to get going on a moment’s notice. When the alarms go off, they have to be ready to move and move in a hurry. FR protection will keep them safe but comfortable, ergonomic fabrics will keep them moving.

Around the station house, firefighters like to feel comfortable just like everybody else but they also know that they could find themselves in hazardous situations in just a matter of minutes. The ideal stationwear provides both the comfort they want and the protection they need.

FR protection is the most important thing a firefighter needs on the job but it’s nice to be comfortable too. TenCate Protective Fabrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of inherently FR fabrics and offers a wide range of fabrics for firefighter stationwear. Employing the most innovative engineering science, TenCate is able to deliver the fabrics that firefighters will want to wear. Combining great protection with outstanding durability and comfort, these NFPA 1975 certified fabrics offer firefighters a choice about the stationwear that they will work and live in.