Sharp Stationwear for Firefighters on the Move


TenCate Tecasafe Plus fabrics deliver superior protection and exceptional comfort.  Inherently FR fabrics, they are NFPA 1975 certified and last longer than comparable chemically treated FR fabrics.TenCate-Tecasafe-Plus-Navy-Stationwear

The TenCate Tecasafe® Plus family of fabrics provides firefighters with stationwear that feels just like normal apparel. Available in woven fabric with a variety of colors and weights as well as knit fabrics, Tecasafe® Plus ensures the best protection, comfort and durability.

Traditional Comfort

Tecasafe Plus woven fabrics are available in four weights to accommodate challenging climates and working conditions.

Tecasafe Plus 580 (5.8 osy or 200 gsm) offers an additional lightweight FR solution with a good hand. This twill weave is perfect for wearing around the station or out on an active call. NFPA 1975 certified.

Tecasafe Plus 700 (7.0 osy or 540 gsm) was the first Tecasafe® Plus offering and has become a standard for comfortable FR clothing. This twill weave fabric is the perfect blend of inherent Fr protection and apparel-like comfort.

Tecasafe® Plus 850 (8.5 osy or 290 gsm) is another twill weave that works well for uniform trousers. Offering the same inherently FR properties and comfort in a weight that stands up to the toughest challenges.

Innovative Comfort

Tecasafe Plus also provides excellent FR protection with knit fabrics. Lightweight Swiss pique Tecasafe Plus knits deliver breathability and softness. Designed to be indistinguishable from any normal knitted apparel, these knits hold up well and keep their like-new appearance far longer than other FR fabrics on the market. These lightweight knits come in at 6.7 osy (230 gsm)and give the wearer all the FR protection they will need and all the comfort of every day garments.

TenCate Tecasafe Plus fabrics are all engineered to stand up to multiple industrial launderings without fading or shrinking. The inherently FR Protection will never wash out or wear away and the fabric maintains its comfort and like-new appearance. Tecasafe Plus comes ready-to-wear, soft and breathable with no break-in period.

Technical Comfort

All Tecasafe Plus fabrics are engineered with TenCate Coolderm Technology. Coolderm Technology delivers excellent moisture management; moisture is absorbed by the fabric and distributed over a wide area forTenCate-Coolderm-Technology quicker evaporation keeping the wearer cooler in warm climates and regulating body temperature in cooler climates. This evaporative cooling effect is engineered into all Tecasafe® Plus fabrics as just one more layer of better comfort for the end user. More comfort means better concentration on getting the job done right.

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