Keeping Common Sense Close to the Skin

A lot of firefighters wear normal, cotton tee shirts under their stationwear. This begs an interesting question: Why put FR garments over a non-FR base layer?

Protection isn’t complete until it lives right next to your skin. TenCate TechT4 is a base layer fabric that provides inherent FR protection in a non-contributory fabric that will not ignite, melt or drip. It is far superior to normal cotton tee shirts. Normal cotton is not only flammable, it has very poor moisture management characteristics. It absorbs moisture but doesn’t give it anywhere to go; it just makes the shirt heavier and more uncomfortable.


TenCate TechT4  also provides Coolderm Technology. The fabric absorbs moisture and spreads it over a wide area to ensure faster evaporation. This keeps the moisture away from the skin and provides an evaporative cooling effect. This is an important attribute that firefighters need in any fire ground environment. Keeping cool on the job means more comfort and better attention to detail when it matters most.

Super lightweight at 4.8 osy (160 gsm), TechT4 wears like an athletic tee shirt with the added bonus of inherent FR protection and moisture management. It’s a fabric that looks good, wears well and will give firefighters the comfort and protection they need beneath their stationwear and bunker gear.


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