Where Protection Comes From

Flame resistant (FR) fabrics are especially engineered to make sure that end users are protected from exposure to thermal events. In the Industrial, military and fire service markets, FR fabrics are an essential part of any personal protective equipment (PPE) ensemble. Any end user who has to go into harm’s way or face the risk of flash fires and electric arcs will definitely need to have FR fabrics.

TenCate Protective Fabrics is the world’s leading manufacturer of FR fabrics and takes its leadership role very seriously. All the fabrics made by TenCate are inherently FR, meaning that the very fibers of which the fabric is woven are themselves FR. This ensures that the FR protection will last and never wash or wear out.

Some other FR fabrics, such as chemically-treated FR cotton, use a chemical “finish” that is applied after the fabric is made to give it FR properties. This finish may wash off after repeated launderings or wear away over time.

Each TenCate FR fabric is designed to fill a role in the marketplace and fit the needs of end users for a given application. TenCate Protective Fabrics performs every step of the production; from fiber to finished fabric.

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