Fibers and Fabrics that Supply Inherent FR

TenCate Protective Fabrics is a completely vertical manufacturer of technical textiles. As the world’s leading maker of inherently FR fabrics, TenCate touches a variety of markets with FR solutions for a broad range of applications.

Part of the TenCate product line covers FR nonwoven fabrics. Nonwoven fabrics are made with the same FR fiber that goes into regular woven or knit fabrics but instead of being spun into yarn, the fibers are made to adhere to each other in different ways.

Using a technique known and Needle Punching, the fibers can be made into batting, like a blanket. Spun Lace nonwoven fabrics are also used by TenCate. In a Spun Lace batting, the fibers are subjected to hydro-entanglement to create the bond the makes them a usable fabric.

These inherently FR nonwoven fabrics are used by TenCate as components in firefighters’ turnout gear. They provide the lion’s share of thermal protection for the thermal barrier in the turnout gear composite. Both spun lace and needle punched batting can be used for this application.

TenCate also manufactures other inherently FR nonwoven fabrics for use in aviation (airplane seats) and the laundry and dry cleaning industry (iron pads and heat-resistant covers for presses.)

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