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FDIC International 2015
April 20-25
Booth #1215

2015 brings the 90th anniversary of the division that’s TenCate Protective Fabrics USA and the company marks that milestone by bringing even more innovation to firefighters, military and industrial workers.

Founded as Southern Mills in 1925 and joining forces with Royal Ten Cate more than a decade ago, TenCate Protective Fabrics provides a varied collection of FR fabrics.

TenCate Protective Fabrics provided the first flame-resistant fabric for firefighter turnout gear in 1970 for Cleveland, Ohio. Forty-five  years later, our textiles are the most comfortable and durable leading to seven out of 10 U.S. firefighters wearing TenCate fabrics.

Some of the most remarkable FR fabrics will arrive in the coming year as TenCate brings that 90 years of tradition and experience to bear.

Innovative Firefighter Fabrics

The turnout gear thermal barrier next to the firefighter’s skin and stationwear provides protection and insulation. But the fabrics from TenCate offer a unique feature not available in any other thermal barrier: Coolderm™ Technology.

The soft fabrics not only give an enhanced comfort to the wearer, the longer effectiveness of the active moisture wicking helps keep firefighters focused on their jobs and not distracted by sweat and wetness.

45-YearsWhen the sweat occurs, any fabric with Coolderm™ Technology pulls it away from the body and spreads it throughout the fabric to a wider area in order to dry faster. As moisture evaporates in hotter climates, the body is cooled. In cold weather, the fabric dries to regulate body temperature.

All of the thermal barrier fabrics from TenCate are soft. No “break-in” period or extra laundering is required to make it less stiff. Fabrics with Coolderm™ Technology are soft and ready to wear.

And all fabrics with Coolderm™ Technology are hypoallergenic. Fabrics with TenCate Coolderm™ Technology do not include fire-retardant chemical treatments to irritate the skin.

Thermal barriers available from TenCate Protective Fabrics include the following:

  • TenCate Quantum4i incorporates PBI® G2™ aperture spun-lace batting for greater air and moisture flow, while remaining lightweight and flexible.
  • TenCate Quantum3D uses a patent-pending design in a complex weave. A unique 3D batting blended of DuPont Kevlar and Nomex provides an excellent balance of performance, as well as maximum flexibility for greater ease of movement.
  • TenCate Defender M thermal barrier is designed with the same fiber and technology used to protect U.S. Army and Marine ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2007. The unique fiber blend in the face cloth offers structural firefighters superior moisture management and exceptional comfort.

Choices in outer shells continue with a wide range of every possibility including the following:

  • TenCate Ultra is always your best value. The outer shell’s unique construction, engineered from a blend with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, provides superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.
  • The most flexible outer shell available, TenCate Kombat Flex provides the reassurance of a name firefighters know and trust with a fresh approach to flexibility. Using PBI brand fiber, the ergonomic fabric is lightweight and scores high in tensile strength, trap tear testing and abrasion resistance.
  • TenCate Advance outer shell offers proven performance in an amazingly affordable outer shell fabric. Its special construction — engineered from a blend including DuPont™ Nomex® fiber — provides high strength, durability and thermal protection

Wildland firefighters can rely on some trusted FR fabric choices, including the following:

  • TenCate Style 362 (shirts) and Style 469 (pants) have become the recognized uniform of wildland firefighters. Style 469 received high marks in a recent wear trial for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ensuring its popularity and reputation for protection of wildland firefighters in the future.

When it comes to stationwear, TenCate Protective Fabrics offers a wide selection of FR fabrics for work:

  • TenCate TechT4 with Coolderm Technology makes the perfect addition to multi-layer, flame-resistant clothing systems. Perfect for t-shirts and other undergarments, TechT4 is an extraordinarily soft and comfortable fabric that provides better protection than usual cotton.
  • TenCate Tecasafe Plus with Coolderm Technology brings a rainbow of colors and choices for any department in need of daily workwear. Tecasafe Plus is soft and breathable, making it not only comfortable to wear but also ensuring that it retains its like new appearance even after continual industrial laundering. A long life cycle and competitive cost make Tecasafe Plus an exceptional value

TenCate Protective Fabrics offers any fire department — no matter the size — an extraordinary collection.

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