Protection in Extreme Weather

ExpeditionSometimes the weather can throw the biggest obstacle between a worker and getting the job done. Electrical lineman and gas and oil workers often spend long periods of time outdoors and extreme climates can keep them from focusing on the task at hand.

TenCate Expedition™ delivers the ideal protection from cold temperatures and brutal winds. TenCate Protective Fabrics introduces this cold-weather protection for when the weather turns brutal but protection is still needed.

This multilayer fabric offers the finest FR protection and unbeatable comfort in cold, unforgiving environments. A DuPont™ Nomex® shell along with thick, aramid batting and a PTFE liner. TenCate Expedition was engineered to stave off the strongest winds and lock out the deepest chill.

Whenever a lineman goes up a pole in the snow or an oil worker braves the sea winds on a rig, TenCate Expedition will be there with them making sure that they can get the job done with warmth and protection.



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