Stopping the Fire Before it Starts

Kaneka PROTEX® is an inherently flame-resistant modacrylic fiber that can be used as a constituent part of many fiber blends. By adding PROTEX, the flame resistance of other fibers in the blend, such as rayon or polyester, can be enhanced while still retaining the original softness and comfort of the fabric produced.

One unique characteristic of this modacrylic fiber is that, upon ignition, it scavenges the oxygen and robs the fire of its fuel forcing the fabric to self-extinguish. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of any FR blend and helsp tp reduce the risk of serious injuries from burns.

PROTEX is used in bedding, plush toys and even faux fur. TenCate Protective Fabrics uses PROTEX in fabric blends such as Tecasafe Plus to make sure that the inherent flame resistance remains intact and that comfort is assured in the finished fabric.

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