TenCate Defender M 500 Woven Fabric

Soldiers, officers and security professionals deserve the best protection available. And now, they can have it with TenCate Defender M Woven Fabric.

TenCate Defender M sets the standard for flame-resistant military apparel. It is the FR fabric of choice of the United States Army. Engineered with patented technology, Defender M provides exceptional protection from flame and heat.

  • Self-extinguishing protection: The FR properties will never wash out or wear away, no matter what.
  • Lightweight, breathable: Lenzing FR provides incredible comfort to manage moisture like sweat, keeping the wearer cooler when it’s hot and drier when it’s cool.
  • Durable textile: Excellent resistance to wear, tear and fading combine to provide a long and useful life for any Defender® M garment.

Manufactured with Coolderm™ Technology, TenCate Defender M offers enhanced comfort and durability that is better than even the most tried and proven chemical-treated nylon- and cotton-blend fabrics

Defender M
Nominal Weight:
5.0 osy (170 gsm)
Woven (plain)
Coolderm™ Technology:
Made in America:

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