TenCate Defender M 600 RainSHIELD (Laminate)

Weather is unpredictable; FR protection from TenCate Protective Fabrics isn’t. Now warfighters can have protection from the elements as well as flames.

TenCate Defender M RainSHIELD provides a fabric that’s laminated and coated to give warfighters the option to operate in cold, wet or windy conditions without sacrificing FR protection.

Designed for use with wind jackets, soft-shell cold and extreme weather jackets and trousers, TenCate Defender® M laminated and coated fabrics offer superior moisture management, thermal insulation and water repellency.

  • Proven protection: Defender M has been worn by every U.S. troop deployed in combat and is being used by militaries in the Middle East and South America.
  • Exceptionally tough: Defender M laminates retain color, size and appearance after repeated launderings and in the harshest conditions.
  • All-weather comfort: These lightweight fabrics will keep warfighters warm and dry under the most adverse conditions, enhancing their ability to complete the mission
  • Fabric variety: Available in a variety of weights layers and colors. Users can choose the exact degree of weather protection for their needs and the colors that best suit their tastes.
Defender M
Nominal Weight:
6.0 osy (205 gsm)
Woven (plain)
Coolderm™ Technology:
Fabric Features:
Made in America:

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