TenCate Defender M 720 with Stretch Technology

TenCate Defender M stretch fabrics offer the kind of mobility that warfighters need in tense and tough circumstances.

TenCate Stretch Technology combined with the battle-proven FR properties of Defender M means ease of movement and protection that rise to the challenge of today’s modern battlefields.

Combat professionals have enough concerns when they’re outside the wire, Defender M with Stretch Technology provide them with protection and comfort.

Engineered with Coolderm Technology and unmatched durability, these ergonomic fabrics meet the real needs of the men and women who march into harm’s way.

  • Proven protection: TenCate Defender M has been worn by every U.S. troop deployed in combat and is being used by forces worldwide including the Middle East and South America.
  • Exceptionally tough: Defender M with Stretch Technology retains its color, elasticity and appearance after repeated launderings and in the harshest conditions.
  • Fabric variety: Available in a variety of weights layers and colors. Users can choose the fabric that best suits the battle-ready needs.
Defender M
Nominal Weight:
7.2 osy (245 gsm)
Knit (Jersey)
Coolderm™ Technology:
Fabric Features:
Made in America:

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