TenCate Oasis 750

Oasis is an innovative protective fabric that offers incredible softness, has a lightweight feel and is flexible.

It is designed to deliver premium protection against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flame and other smelting hazards.

Oasis has an outstanding value and the best choice among thermal resistant, metal-shedding fabrics, it has been chosen by leading aluminum manufacturers, worldwide, for its protection, comfort and durability.

  • Inherently flame-resistant: Flame-resistant, metal shedding protection is built into the fabric so it won’t wash or wear out.
  • Comfortable to wear: Engineered with an innovative fiber blend, this fabric is designed for excellent softness and flexibility.
  • Outstanding value: Long-lasting protection withstands rugged use and repeated industrial launderings
Industrial Safety
Nominal Weight:
7.5 osy (255 gsm)
Woven (twill)
ISO 11612 (International: Clothing to protect against heat and flame), ASTM F 1959 (International: Arc flash rating)
Coolderm™ Technology:
Colors Available:
Blue (Chambray)
Made in America:
6.2 cal/cm²

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