Industrial Safety: Fabric of Your Real Work Life

TenCate Tecasafe Plus TenCate Protective Fabrics provides, soft, comfortable FR fabrics that are inherently flame resistant so the protective qualities will never wash or wear out. These attributes are important to industrial workers who often work in dangerous environments.

In 1973, TenCate was the first to supply aramid fabrics for oil industry applications. Four decades later, TenCate Protective Fabrics is still the industry leader in FR fabrics.

TenCate supplies FR fabrics for industrial workers all over the world for varying applications including oil exploration and production, electrical, welding, molten metal processing and petrochemical.

As a completely vertical fabric manufacturer with localized production facilities, TenCate Protective Fabrics offers short lead times, consistent quality and the most innovative range of industrial FR fabrics in the world.

Industrial workers face challenging environments and hazardous conditions every day. TenCate Protective Fabrics makes sure that their FR protection is one less thing to worry about.

TenCate BrigadeWoven Fire Service (Structural: Outer Shell, Wildlands and Stationwear) and Military & SecurityBlack, Spruce Green, Navy Blue, Orange and Yellow
TenCate Expedition™Woven (Twill) and Non-Woven (Needle Punch)Fire Service (Stationwear), Industrial Safety and Military & Security
TenCate Oasis™Woven (Plain)7.5 osy (255 gsm) to 12.0 osy (405 gsm)Industrial Safety (Molten Metal)Navy Blue, Cool Blue, Royal Blue and Chambray Blue
TenCate Omniweave™ Featuring 100% DuPont™ Nomex®Woven (Plain and Twill)4.5 osy (150 gsm) to 7.5 osy (255 gsm)Industrial Safety and Fire Service (Wildlands and Stationwear)Royal Blue, Orange, Navy Blue, Gray, Light Blue, Black, Yellow and Tan
TenCate Omniweave™ Plus Featuring DuPont™ Nomex®Woven (Plain)4.5 osy (150 gsm)Industrial SafetyKhaki, Denim Blue and Royal Blue
TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Knit FabricKnit (Swiss Pique)6.7 osy (225 gsm) Industrial Safety and Fire Service (Stationwear)High-Visibility Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Khaki
TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Woven FabricWoven (Twill)5.8 osy (195 gsm) to 8.5 osy (290 gsm)Industrial Safety, Fire Service (Wildlands and Stationwear) and Military & SecurityHigh-Visibility Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Khaki
TenCate TechT4™Knit (Jersey)4.8 osy (160 gsm)Industrial Safety, Fire Service (Stationwear) and Military & SecurityNavy Blue, Tan and Natural Cream
TenCate Tuffweld®Woven (Plain)8.5 osy (290 gsm)Industrial Safety (Welding)Brown and Natural Yellow
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