Keeping Electricians Safe from Arc Flash Events with Multiple Fabric Options

layered-40-cal-suitTenCate Protective Fabrics understands the risks that exist out there. Arc Flashes are a threat to utilities, electricians, contractors, maintenance and other electric workers.

An arc flash occurs when a flashover of electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another or to the ground. Anyone in close proximity to an arc flash is at a high risk for serious injury or even death.

The primary dangers are many and each can have a devastating effect on anyone caught too close. Some arcs can create blast pressure upwards of 2,000 lbf or 8,900 N. and generate heat that burns as hot as 35,000°F or 19,400°C as well as causing sound blasts that can reach 140 dB.

Non FR clothing in an arc flash can melt directly to the skin and multiply the dangerous effects of any burn injuries. That’s why it’s imperative that electrical workers have the best FR fabric for their garments and TenCate provides it.

Standards exist in every market for how a fabric must perform.  The necessary criteria that a fabric must meet in order to qualify for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can define the industry. TenCate Protective Fabrics provides solutions for every level of protection.

PPE Category 1 Solutions

PPE Category 2 Solutions

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