Molten Metal Splash Protection Available with TenCate Oasis™ Fabric

Icon-Industrial-Molten-MetalsWhen working in industries where metal slag is a threat, protection has to come first.

The dangers that casters and smelters face are among some of the most serious in any industry.

Molten metals in any amount, at any time pose a threat to life and limb.

Casting metals such as aluminum exposes workers to large amounts of molten slag. Any spills or run offs from these types of operations can be deadly.

A burn injury in this industry is very serious and the results can be devastating. Any molten metal that comes into contact with the skin can penetrate deeply and cause severe and long-lasting injuries.

Molten-MetalKeeping the metal off the skin is paramount to protection and TenCate supplies the solution.

TenCate Oasis™ offers premier molten metal splash protection in a comfortable, flexible fabric that’s easy to wear.

Using a blend containing natural fibers Oasis sheds molten metal rapidly and keeps it away from the skin. Offered in three weights and three standard colors, TenCate Oasis is inherently FR and withstands rugged use and repeated industrial launderings.

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