TenCate Tuffweld® Fabric Protects Welders from Sparks


TenCate makes welding safety a priority for all the right reasons. There are many different types of welding; from metal inert gas (MIG) to Tungsten inert gas (TIG) or even arc welding, all will produce some amount of molten metal or slag. This presents a danger to anyone who works closely with metals when welding.

By the very nature of the work, fragments of molten metal are ever present and are, more often than not, being thrown into the air or are “raining” down on the welder. It is virtually impossible to avoid coming into contact with molten metal when welding so finding an effective protection solution is a must.

Traditionally, leather has been used to protect welders. While it does the job, it is certainly not comfortable and cannot be laundered.

TenCate Tuffweld® provides the ideal solution. inherent FR protection with superior strength, comfort and softness, Tuffweld offers protection from heat and flame, arc radiation and burns caused by sparks as well as being able to stand up to laundering while maintaining its comfortable feel and like new appearance. It has a long wear life and offers a lower cost per wear than most comparable FR solutions. By using the best FR technology backed with the trusted name of DuPont Kevlar®, Tufflwed assures protection.

TenCate Tuffweld®, when only the BEST will do.

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