Prepare for the Impossible

Emergencies aren’t planned. Flash fires aren’t scheduled. Outages don’t pop up on your smartphone with a 15-minute warning.

When flame-resistant fabrics worn by utility linemen, electricians, oil & gas workers and other skilled professionals become the lifesaving layer, it’s not exactly a planned event. For the person wearing those technical textiles, thoughts of standards and three-second tests doesn’t come to mind.

The job at hand. Assuring all are safe. Helping your colleagues.

TenCate Protective Fabrics creates and manufactures flame-resistant fabrics for the moments when the impossible happens, when you aren’t thinking about your fabric but you’re relying on it the most.

This is why you wear TenCate. Because we make FR fabrics for those impossible moments.

A lot of FR fabrics out there are made to meet standards like NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E and others. But “standards” is another word for “minimums.”

When a fabric company claims their chemically treated cotton fabric meets some sort of “standard,” that company is saying the fabric meets the minimum requirement to pass some laboratory test.

TenCate Protective Fabrics began making our fabrics in America 90 years ago. We have the experience to know meeting the minimum standards isn’t enough.

When one of our inherent FR fabrics is tested, we also put it into the field with linemen on the job and oil & gas workers on the rig. We listen to those wearing it day in and day out. We exceed the standards and think about the things that cannot be tested.

In a sometimes dangerous world, we cannot predict how TenCate fabrics might be tested. With an intense focus on keeping those who wear our fabrics safe and comfortable, our technical textiles go well beyond the minimums.

We prepare for the impossible.

We invite you to join us.

Part 1 of 6: Prepare for the Impossible

Watch the Beginning of Our First Story

This is where the #Prepare4Impossible story begins, with a lineman doing his job when something unexpected happens and TenCate Tecasafe Plus turns out to be the right flame-resistant fabric. Sparks fly from a transformer, but no worries since TenCate Tecasafe Plus is self-extinguishing and provides PPE Category 2 protection.

But danger may be lurking as the sudden electrical surge might have disturbed something lurking nearby.

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