Changing the Definition of FR Fabrics with Protection that Never Felt So Good

TenCate Tecasafe Plus brings a whole new meaning to FR fabric.

Launched in 2007, TenCate Tecasafe Plus has now sold more than 10 million yards worldwide — and growing rapidly.

Engineered as a more comfortable and durable alternative to existing industrial FR fabrics, Tecasafe Plus provides superior arc flash and flash fire protection. But it’s best feature just might be the comfort that TenCate Tecasafe Plus provides.

Featuring the enhanced comfort of Coolderm Technology, Tecasafe Plus offers a proprietary fiber blend to keep you cooler when it’s hot and drier when it’s cool.

With active moisture wicking and excellent breathability, Coolderm Technology keeps the wearer worry-free and very comfortable.

Its inherent FR protection will never wash or wear out and it lasts longer than other, comparable protective fabrics. Its unique and innovative fiber blend not only provides inherent FR protection but also ensures an eco-friendly process that produces no harmful byproducts.  Available in a variety of weights and colors that no-one else can offer, Tecasafe Plus can handle the challenge.

In addition, Tecasafe Plus is soft and breathable, making it not only comfortable to wear but also ensuring that it retains its like new appearance even after continual industrial laundering.

A long life cycle and competitive cost make Tecasafe Plus an exceptional value.

Others may offer protection but nobody offers the comfort and protection of Tecasafe Plus.

Coolderm™ Technology Means Smart, Comfortable and Safe

The bestselling TenCate fabrics are engineered with TenCate Coolderm Technology. This expert technology has been developed over 89 years of manufacturing technical textiles.

By engineering fabrics with inherently FR fibers, ; providing enhanced comfort and multi-risk protection.

No chemical treatments or finishes also mean that TenCate Coolderm Technology fabrics are hypoallergenic.  That leads to reduced aggravation of allergic reactions or pre-existing conditions. These fabrics provide protection that you never even realize is there but it’s still beneficial.

  • Inherently flame-resistant: The FR protection will never wash or wear out.
  • Active Moisture Wicking: When the sweat or another moisture occurs, the fabric pulls it away from the body and spreads it throughout the fabric to a wider area in order to dry faster.
  • Evaporative Cooling Effect: As moisture evaporates in hotter climates, the body is cooled. In cold weather, the fabric dries quicker than cotton to regulate body temperature.
  • Soft with No “Break-In” Period: No extra laundering required could weaken the FR protection of chemically treated fabrics. Coolderm™ Technology fabrics are soft and ready to wear.

TenCate Coolderm™ Technology is truly smart textiles.

TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Knit FabricKnit (Swiss Pique)6.7 osy (225 gsm) Industrial Safety and Fire Service (Stationwear)High-Visibility Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Khaki
TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Knit FabricKnit (Mesh, Rib, Swiss Pique and Stretch)4.5 osy (150 gsm) to 7.2 osy (245 gsm) Military & SecurityHigh-Visibility Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Khaki
TenCate Tecasafe® Plus Woven FabricWoven (Twill)5.8 osy (195 gsm) to 8.5 osy (290 gsm)Industrial Safety, Fire Service (Wildlands and Stationwear) and Military & SecurityHigh-Visibility Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue and Khaki


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